Grab a free live album from They Might Be Giants

Since the mid-80s, They Might Be Giants have carved out a niche in quirky satirical songs, off-kilter power pop and more.  Despite having dozens of albums to their credit and having recorded literally hundreds of songs, it’s arguably 1990’s hit ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’ and its parent album ‘Flood’ for which they best known.

Marking its twenty-six year, the two Johns (Flansbrough and Linnell) have been performing the album in its entirety to the delight of fans.

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Real Gone’s End Of Year Round Up, 2013

At the end 2013, things have settled even farther into their niche. When Real Gone was born, the intent was to write reviews of albums that ended up unloved in cut-out bins – the ultimate guide to creating a brilliant record collection on a budget.  Pretty soon, a few DIY bands got interested and PR guys got interested and the focus began to change.  It would have been churlish to turn these new opportunities away…and by including reviews of independent and smaller bands, RG slowly expanded its readership.

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TMBG NanobotsThey Might Be Giants have never been known for churning out hits, and yet, have often found themselves with a loyal cult audience and record company support.  It’s also hard to believe that – taking on board their sideline in making albums for children – 2013’s ‘Nanobots’ is their sixteenth album.   Their first to be released on the power pop label Lojinx in the UK/Europe, does such an association mean the music has shifted farther towards the kind of music often released via that label?  No.  Is there an obvious hit single among its staggering twenty five tracks? As with most TMBG releases there are a couple of contenders, though as always, the most commercial moments aren’t necessarily the most captivating.

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