Listen: Miss Georgia Peach shares free download of solo material

The past year has been pretty kind to Miss Georgia Peach.  Her early work with The Short Fuses gained a reissue, the 2018 EP from Beebe Gallini reached a new audience thanks to being picked up by the folks at Rum Bar Records, and she’s also found time to record a new full length with the band (the equally excellent ‘Pandemos’).

On top of that, she’s also dipped back into the archives for a couple of solo tunes which are now being offered as a download on a “pay what you want basis” (which, obviously, can be a free download if you’re that way inclined).  Genre-wise, they’re not in the same ball park as Beebe Gallini, but both tracks serve up a familiar vocal and that will certainly be enough for a lot of people to (re)approach these recordings with a keen interest.

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Legendary Springsteen ‘No Nukes’ film to be released for the first time in November

A 90 minute running time might seem short for one his live shows compared to the regular standard that’s been set by Bruce Springsteen over the years, but for the 1979 ‘No Nukes’ concert, performed at Madison Square Garden in front of a packed house, it’s very much a case of quality over quantity.

Although it has spent many years on the shelf, the show is an important one, in that it showcases the classic line-up of the E Street Band at the peak of their powers, somewhere between the well documented ‘Darkness’ shows and the release of the well-loved double LP ‘The River’.

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Trumbiten’s ‘Emotions’ EP (released in the spring of 2021) presented a huge step forward for the Swedish father/son metal duo. They’d previously entertained their audience with some well chosen covers, but this release marked the debut of their own self-penned works, and its three tracks more than delivered in terms of both riffs and hooks. Their decision to take a few old fashioned metal traits and mix them with sounds befitting of bands like In Flames also suggested that, unlike some DIY metal bands, they had tastes that weren’t purely stuck in the 1980s.

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KILLER HEARTS – Skintight Electric

The debut EP from Killer Hearts provided a quick jolt of retro brilliance back in 2019. Taking the trashiness of the New York Dolls debut, the sheer drive of Dictators’ proto punk noise and a bit of extra oomph, its four songs were a fast and sweaty treat. The end mix made the lead guitars seem razor sharp, and the way the vocals seemed half buried in noise often made it hard to pick out the finer points of any lyrical concerns, but all things considered it was a great tribute to the world of 1970s proto-punks and hardened Stooges wannabes.

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