Grab some free music from They Might Be Giants

Considering January is supposed to be the longest and most miserable month, February 2022 seems to be going on forever.  Between a world seemingly dominated by bad news, and the UK braced for not one, but two storms – it feels like things will get worse before springtime eventually hits.

We all need a distraction, and the two Johns from They Might Be Giants have the very thing.  For the next few hours, they’re offering everyone two digital album releases FREE of charge.

The first, ‘My Murdered Remains’ is a complete album recorded around the same time as their Lojinx Records release, ‘I Like Fun’. It has never been available on CD in the UK – in fact, it’s impossible to find outside of the TMBG website. It isn’t available for download on iTunes, and the band promises it’ll never be within easy reach on streaming services, so whether you’re a big fan or a casual admirer, it’s certainly worth grabbing.

The second revisits some very familiar territory with a full performance of the legendary ‘Flood’ LP, recorded live in Australia. The show was briefly given away as a free download in 2017, but hasn’t popped up as a giveaway since then. It’s a fun alternative to the much-loved studio LP.

You’ll have to be quick – these gifts will soon be gone!  You can grab the free downloads and more besides from the TMBG online store here: