ZWAN – Live at Rock am Ring 2003

In just two short years, Zwan demoed and recorded a huge amount of material.  Whether in their electric format (The True Poets of Zwan) or stripped back and more acoustic driven (Djali Zwan), the Billy Corgan-fronted project showed a great depth and inventiveness.

Always a prolific writer, with Zwan, Corgan occasionally showed off his power pop influences (‘Lyric’, ‘Yeah’) alongside expansive prog rock indulgences (‘Jesus I/Mary Star of the Sea’).  While not always championed by everyone, this varied approach to material ensured Zwan’s only studio album remains a thrilling listening experience years after the event.

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THE POLICE – Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey, 29/11/1980

In their short lifespan of just under eight years, like The Beatles of post-punk, The Police took on the world. The bulk of their studio output retains a near timeless appeal, but it was in the live setting that the power of this trio of talented musicians became really obvious.

It’s a shame that the only widely available live show from the band’s original existence is from the Synchronicity tour. Although a great show, the shine and bombast doesn’t quite capture the spirit of the earlier years. The BBC’s ‘Rock Goes To College’ show sits gathering dust in an archive and other bits and pieces – although pro-shot and circulating among fans – are unlikely to get a DVD release any time soon.

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A free Bruce Hornsby live album…and in time for Christmas!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 1985, or you have no taste whatsoever, you’ll already know that ‘The Way It Is’ is one of the greatest albums of the 80s. Not only that, but it’s one of the finest albums ever recorded.  The title track became a Transatlantic hit and the rest of the album is of a similarly high quality.

Now, Bruce is offering you the chance to download a live recording of the whole of his classic album ‘The Way It Is’ for FREE. There’s some essential xmas listening, right there!

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Grab a free live album from They Might Be Giants

Since the mid-80s, They Might Be Giants have carved out a niche in quirky satirical songs, off-kilter power pop and more.  Despite having dozens of albums to their credit and having recorded literally hundreds of songs, it’s arguably 1990’s hit ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’ and its parent album ‘Flood’ for which they best known.

Marking its twenty-six year, the two Johns (Flansbrough and Linnell) have been performing the album in its entirety to the delight of fans.

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THE BOOMTOWN RATS – Live at Goldiggers, Chippenham 1984

In the late 70s and early 80s, the BBC had a series of programmes called ‘Sight and Sound In Concert’.  These specially filmed gigs were simultaneously broadcast on BBC TV and radio.  A few are available commercially – as is the case with the excellent Thin Lizzy performance from the Hitchin Regal in 1983 – but sadly, many are not.  Thankfully, due to repeat showings, many fans have pristine off-airs of shows by Camel, Gentle Giant, Renaissance and others.

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