Palm Trees & Picnics (A Real Gone Sampler)

It’s been a proper mixed bag for music this year. In 2014, Real Gone had a definite metal bias, to the point where we actually managed to issue an album length sampler of purely metal based acts.

This year, there has been metal, but more of the best music coming our way has been even more of a power pop or indie variety. That, of course, is reflected in our sixth freebie.

With only New Zealand’s Arcadian really flying the flag for metal, our sampler selections for this year represent a broad musical church…and we still think there’s something here for almost everyone, from guitar based alt-rock to prog to retro power pop. As always, we hope this helps to open new ears to otherwise unfamiliar music.

Thanks, as always, to the bands, labels and people who helped make this all possible, but especially to Malibu Lou and the gang at Rum Bar Records; Kurt B, Geoff Palmer and Mike Chaney; Shauna McLarnon & Shameless PR; the guys at King Pizza Records and Matt Stevens.

Reviews and more information can be found by clicking on the band names.
The disclaimer:  These tracks are offered with the permission of the bands and labels on the understanding that they remain part of this free download.  Real Gone asks that any downloads are kept in their complete form as intended, but takes no responsibility for people who abuse this generosity. 


01 THE CONNECTION – Don’t Come Back
02 THE GRAND – Why Don’t You Wait
03 CITIES – Clozapine
04 OLD HOUSE PLAYGROUND – Polite Fiction
05 MY CRUEL GORO – Crapford
06 UMMAGMA – Lama
08 THE NEW TROCADEROS – She Don’t Know
09 ARCADIAN – Separate Paths
11 STRANGE MAJIK – Country Road
12 WATTS – The Mess Is The Makeup
13 MAFF – Million Year Picnic
14 ZERO SHE FLIES – Riverboat
15 KURT BAKER – Doin’ It Right