OGRE – Bastards Of Death

ogreOne of Ireland’s original death metal bands, Ogre released three albums in the early nineties before disappearing.  After a twenty year holiday, the trio return with the joyously titled ‘Bastards of Death’. On the surface, Ogre sound like any number of extreme metal bands that you care to mention since most of their material throttles along at breakneck speed while the chosen vocalist sounds like he’s channelling the voices of thousand demons while suffering from a throat defect.  If that description sounds either disrespectful or plain silly, then fear not: Ogre take the confines of the death metal genre and have fun with their sound from time to time – and since the band aren’t always taking things entirely seriously, there’s little reason why their audience should either.

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New drum playthrough video from Irish tech/death metallers Dichotomy

Prior to the release of their debut album ‘Paradigms’, Irish tech metal/death metal crew Dichotomy have posted a video of drummer Dave Fay hammering his way through their track ‘No Catharis’.

The new clip follows on the heels of a video showing the band playing through ‘All Seeing Eye’, also featured on the upcoming disc. Both clips can be seen in full below.

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