The Great 70s Project: 1979

Looking back, the three years between the disco and pop oriented sounds of 1976 and the majestic jumble of influences that fill 1979 are a huge gulf. By 1979, disco was on it’s last legs, punk had firmly given airtime to what we now think of as new wave and the pop music of the day was about as strong as it had been since 1975.

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The Real Gone Advent Calendar 2016

As is traditional at Real Gone every December, we like to count down to Christmas with various clips.  2016 might have been rubbish, but that’s not going to stop us digging up archive videos!

A new clip will be uploaded here every day until the 24th.  Hopefully, something will entertain and inspire you to dig out a long neglected album or three…

DEC 01 DEC 02 DEC 03 DEC 04 DEC 05 DEC 06

DEC 07 DEC 08 DEC 09 DEC 10 DEC 11 DEC 12

DEC 13 DEC 14 DEC 15 DEC 16 DEC 17 DEC 18

DEC 19 DEC 20 DEC 21 DEC 22 DEC 23 DEC 24

The REAL GONE 2013 advent calendar

The countdown to Christmas has begun at Real Gone Towers. What better way to celebrate than with a few clips? Below, you’ll find a new link to open on each day leading up to the big event. It may involve a band you’ve read about here previously, it might not. It might be something classic, it might be something dubious…you won’t know until you click!

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