Bridged Gaps and Covered Tracks (A Real Gone Sampler, 2013)

Welcome to 2013’s free Real Gone Sampler.  It’s been an absolutely brilliant year for independent music – check out our end of year list here – and that’s been reflected by how many bands were keen to get involved in this now traditional project on its third anniversary.  This year’s sixteen tracks (with a couple of strays from prior to 2013) came together remarkably quickly but, as always, there were a few obstacles along the way.  It’s great that most of the bands we asked were on board instantly…and only one missed the deadline – an improvement on previous years.

Bridged Gaps & Covered Tracks (A Real Gone Sampler, 2013)

02. NICK CAPALDI – Dumb It All Up
03. KURT BAKER – Everybody Knows
04. SKELETONS IN THE PIANO – The Blood Beyond
05. WEATHERBIRD – Chasing Dragons
06. THE 1957 TAIL-FIN FIASCO – List Song
08. MUTINY MUTINY – Hand Over Fist
09. THE END MEN – Wrong Way Street
10. CATTLE – Pyramid Shaped Hole
11. NEURONSPOILER – Dying Worlds
12. GLENN ROBINSON – Fire In The Hole
14. EVOLETAH – Guillotine (Midnight Mix) *
15. ALICE & THE GLASS LAKE – Paracosm
16. iO – Vultures of the Arctic (Unmastered Version) *

*previously unreleased

This download has now been taken down.  Should you still wish to download it, please email us via the contact section on this website and we’ll send you a zip file of the contents.

THE DISCLAIMER: As always, this sampler is offered to you – the Real Gone reader – for absolutely free.  It is offered on the understanding that once the zip file has been downloaded, you will not distribute these tracks anywhere else without the relevant bands’ permission(s).  REAL GONE ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THIS REQUEST.

All tracks appear copyright of their respective writers, labels etc and are used with full permission.  Real Gone would like to personally thank all artists, PR companies and DIY labels for their co-operation and generosity.  Let’s see if we can open a few new ears!