WEST WICKHAMS – Consider Her Way EP

Following the release of Dead Wolf Club’s excellent ‘Healer’ EP in 2013, the band’s vocalist Jon Othello launched a more goth and new wave inspired side project, West Wickhams. Before the year was out, the new band shared a demo online, but then seemed to disappear. Jon resumed duties with his DWC bandmates the following year, and they seemed to tour relentlessly before calling it a day prematurely in 2015. Their demise left a massive hole in the world of noisy indie rock. For a time, they seemed to have a hugely reliable presence as a support act, and ‘Healer’ had very much promised bigger things to come.

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‘Guerrero’: New video and stream from Dead Wolf Club

UK alt-rockers Dead Wolf Club are back.  They’ve got a double A-sided single out on Big Tea Records/Scene Not Heard in a couple of weeks (as part of Big Tea’s wintertime threesome) featuring tracks from ‘RAR’ and ‘Healer’, but more importantly are also about to enter the studio to record a new album.

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A winter trio of singles from Big Tea Records

Starting next week on the 17th November, Big Tea Records is releasing a trio of singles. A new track from ‘Silver Arm’ [streaming here] is joined over the following two weeks respectively by releases from Elastic Sleep and Real Gone favourites Dead Wolf Club.

You can read the full press releases from Silver Arm and Elastic Sleep below.

Read a review of Silver Arm’s ‘He of the Slow Creep’ here.
Read a review of Dead Wolf Club’s ‘Healer’ here.
Read a review of the Elastic Sleep EP here.


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Bridged Gaps and Covered Tracks (A Real Gone Sampler, 2013)

Welcome to 2013’s free Real Gone Sampler.  It’s been an absolutely brilliant year for independent music – check out our end of year list here – and that’s been reflected by how many bands were keen to get involved in this now traditional project on its third anniversary.  This year’s sixteen tracks (with a couple of strays from prior to 2013) came together remarkably quickly but, as always, there were a few obstacles along the way.  It’s great that most of the bands we asked were on board instantly…and only one missed the deadline – an improvement on previous years.

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