Over the first six months of 2024, Real Gone received hundreds of submissions for the Singles Bar. Naturally, not everything appealed, and with only eight tracks featured every week, there were various great tracks that also fell by the wayside. Our Singles Bar “Summer Special” rounds up some of the best sounds that didn’t find a previous home. It would’ve been a travesty not to share such good music, but in a couple of cases, we’ve even included material that really should have featured at the Singles Bar around the time of release. Within this batch of twenty top tunes, we’ve pulled together some very retro sounding pop-rock, something with a huge late 60s sound, a couple of gothy bits, a nod to Americana, and even a slice of trad folk. We hope this round up of bits and pieces introduces you to something new, and maybe even inspires you to check out more material.


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Come On, Come In: Big Hits From The Real Gone Singles Bar, Year One

In May 2023, Real Gone ran a column highlighting some of the best digital singles that had come our way. We’d always shied away from singles, preferring instead to concentrate on detailed album and EP reviews, but too much good music was falling by the wayside. The column was an experiment, of sorts: it was a departure from what had gone before, but still came with the same enthusiasm. Would people embrace this new feature? Would “quick takes” weaken the Real Gone brand?

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Kristin Hersh & Fred Abong back in the UK for another run of live dates in March

Throughout the summer of 2018, Kristin Hersh toured extensively for her critically acclaimed album ‘Possible Dust Clouds’.  A lengthy run of dates found Kristin and supporting artist Fred Abong visiting all corners of UK and playing at some very intimate venues.

Kristin and Fred are back for another tour beginning on March 8th.  For those who missed the previous leg, the new dates involve similarly small venues, so if you’d like to see some great artists up close, the opportunity shouldn’t be missed a second time.

Fred also releases a new EP ‘Pulsing’ on March 8th.

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