Over the first six months of 2024, Real Gone received hundreds of submissions for the Singles Bar. Naturally, not everything appealed, and with only eight tracks featured every week, there were various great tracks that also fell by the wayside. Our Singles Bar “Summer Special” rounds up some of the best sounds that didn’t find a previous home. It would’ve been a travesty not to share such good music, but in a couple of cases, we’ve even included material that really should have featured at the Singles Bar around the time of release. Within this batch of twenty top tunes, we’ve pulled together some very retro sounding pop-rock, something with a huge late 60s sound, a couple of gothy bits, a nod to Americana, and even a slice of trad folk. We hope this round up of bits and pieces introduces you to something new, and maybe even inspires you to check out more material.


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BEEBE GALLINI – You Ain’t Getting Nothin’ / What Christmas Means To Me

Despite the world being knocked sideways by a global pandemic, the period stretching between the end of 2019 and the end of 2021 didn’t work out so badly for vocalist Miss Georgia Peach. The debut EP from her band Beebe Gallini gained a timely reissue from the Rum Bar Records label, which helped it to reach people who’d missed it in 2018. Likewise, a reissue of her 2007 solo single ‘You Blow My Mind’ was given a new lease of life via its inclusion on a label sampler and a subsequent digital reissue campaign. More importantly, Beebe Gallini’s full length album ‘Pandemos’ (released in May ‘21) made good on the EP’s earlier promise with tunes like ‘Bad Man’ and ‘Danny’ scoring highly on the retro riffs front, and the Bee Gees’ classic ‘To Love Somebody’ being redressed in a world of fuzz. The general online buzz surrounding the album (and the record label’s enthusiasm for it) made it clear that there would be more to come from Peach and her bandmates – and sooner rather than later.

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Listen: Miss Georgia Peach shares free download of solo material

The past year has been pretty kind to Miss Georgia Peach.  Her early work with The Short Fuses gained a reissue, the 2018 EP from Beebe Gallini reached a new audience thanks to being picked up by the folks at Rum Bar Records, and she’s also found time to record a new full length with the band (the equally excellent ‘Pandemos’).

On top of that, she’s also dipped back into the archives for a couple of solo tunes which are now being offered as a download on a “pay what you want basis” (which, obviously, can be a free download if you’re that way inclined).  Genre-wise, they’re not in the same ball park as Beebe Gallini, but both tracks serve up a familiar vocal and that will certainly be enough for a lot of people to (re)approach these recordings with a keen interest.

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BEEBE GALLINI – East Side Story EP

Despite being a new band at the time of this release, Beebe Gallini features a few familiar faces from the garage rock scene. Miss Georgia Peach (vox/rhythm guitar) and Travis Ramin (lead guitar/drums) of the Minneapolis band The Short Fuses have joined forces with Strumpet bassist Amy Larson Pearson, but in many ways, this side project is far more than an extension of their previous work. In fact, although first impressions may suggest something more ragged, Beebe Gallini are still broad in appeal. Their five track digital affair ‘East Side Story’ is a fun but ragged affair. Despite any potential roughness, it’s a great showcase for the band in that it shows a massive respect for the past with a couple of top notch covers, and also an optimism for its future with a couple of self-penned rockers that cling onto a similar style. By combining new material and old classics, they truly aim to pull in listeners from far and wide.

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Grab a free 23 track sampler from Rum Bar Records

The Rum Bar label has a lot of good stuff readied for release over the next couple of months. They’re bringing you the debut EP from The Shang Hi-Los, new material from Hayley & The Crushers and The Cheap Cassettes. That’s on top of an ongoing reissue programme for old Melted Records acts and the truckload of stuff they put out during the last quarter of 2020. The guys at the label have never been busier.

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