From the moment their debut single ‘Love Got Me Into This Mess’ hit the internet in 2017, it was clear that Justine And The Unclean were something special. On that recording, the Boston band’s mix of pop punk and power pop greeted the listener in a fantastically upbeat fashion, and Justine Couvault’s distinctive, curly vocal style was impossible to ignore. As the follow up singles emerged, it was always possible to spot the band thanks to that vocal, and regardless of whatever style the music took, the Unclean continued to sound like a band with a real spirit. A little later, their first full length release ‘Get Unclean’ added some old school hard rock to an already potent mix, suggesting a great future ahead. Naturally, things went a little quiet in the Unclean camp during the pandemic years, but a trio of singles suggested the band had retained their sense of drive, and in 2021’s ‘Scorpion Bowl To Go’, it seemed as if they’d actually upped the ante in terms of catchy hooks.

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Welcome back to the Real Gone Singles Bar, the place where we explore some of the single MP3s that have landed in our inbox over the previous few weeks. There has been absolutely no shortage of singular tracks coming our way, and this time, our selection brings you a pleasing assortment of digital goodies. You’ll discover new rock sounds, a bit of indie, even a singer songwriter or two. As always, we hope that whatever catches your ear will lead to further exploration.


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THE JACKLIGHTS – Womanchild / Underachiever

In terms of releasing their debut EP, the timing couldn’t have been any more unfortunate for The Jacklights. The Covid pandemic meant that they couldn’t put in the promotional hard yards in front of a home crowd; instead they were forced to rely on word of mouth and strong online press support to get things rolling. However, those who found the band around that time seemed very supportive, and with good reason. Although a few of the vocals were a little loose, the release showcased a solid band whose stock sounds – falling between classic, US-centric college rock and 90s punk – really delivered in terms of chunky melodies.

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The Morning Line’s 2019 LP, ‘North’, was an absolutely terrific album. Reawakening the sounds of ‘Girlfriend’ era Matthew Sweet, Soul Asylum’s best major label recordings and even a the productions of Sean Slade & Paul Q. Kolderie, it felt like a musical love letter to the 1990s. Retro, yet still somehow fresh, it’s melodic and jangly songs really captured the best of the band’s obvious talents.

Three years on, their first release for Justine Couvault’s Red On Red Records is another musical treat. A seven song collection, ‘Scene’ taps into the “mini album” format – something that seems to have been overlooked since the early 90s – which means there’s far less opportunity for the listener’s attention to wander, but still enough scope for a little variety along the way.

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