Check out the new video from Nightspell

US noise pop band Nightspell made an impressive sound on their ‘Pegasus’ single back in June 2021. The US trio really captured the best elements of a very 90s sound, and the track whipped up a welcome nostalgic element of old shoegaze, but was able to give that a modern twist.

‘Pegasus’ saw the band reaching a broader audience and gaining some very positive press but, if anything, ‘Phonebooth’ – marking their long overdue return – deserves to take Nightspell even further. In under three minutes, the track injects a massive retro jangle, quickly tapping into a sound that recalls peak Breeders with its contrast of reverbed guitar and taut harmonies. In addition, a brilliantly crashy drum part lifts the chorus into a harder, almost trashier sphere, but its the arrival of a huge harmonic lead guitar contrasting with an early 60s lead – sounding as if on loan from The Ventures – that really makes the track. A couple of spins is all that’s needed before the bright chorus really sticks, and the song’s all round brevity really gives it an important punch.

Check out the new video below.