Welcome back to the Real Gone Singles Bar! For our first SB feature of ’24, we’ve dug deeply into our inbox of mp3s and assorted goodies to bring you another round of quick fire entertainment in our usual style. You’ll find the usual variety, with a dose of melodic punk, some alt country, huge rock and even some progressive black metal to tempt you. With January traditionally being a little quieter for submissions, we’ve taken the opportunity to include a couple of older tunes here that didn’t get covered during the last weeks of 2023, but that doesn’t mean a dip in quality. After all, you can’t put a sell by date on great music! As always, if you feel you have something of interest that you feel would suit a future Singles Bar – or a full review – at Real Gone, please don’t hesitate to get in touch…

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MIRA – Mira EP

Emo. Originally shorthand for emotional hardcore and practised by melodic hardcore bands like Youth of Today, Rites of Spring et al, by the beginning of the twenty first century, anything labelled emo couldn’t be further away from those origins. There was a spell in the mid 90s where alternative rock bands with a slight indie leaning were also labelled emo (the best of which were the much missed Sense Field and the short-lived Shift) and they were great, but beyond that, emo just became a lazy tag for “whining sub-goth naval gazing with floppy fringe”. Surely, somewhere in the US, Brendan Canty wonders what the hell happened?

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I CRIED WOLF – Hollow Heart EP

ICR Hollow Heart EPWith thanks a hard touring schedule, Oxfordshire based quintet I Cried Wolf found themselves constantly sharpening up their skills until their core sound became incredibly tight. Released just three years after forming, their 2015 release ‘Hollow Heart’ showcases five brilliantly uncompromising works, brimming with alt-metal and post-hardcore attitude, mixed in a way that it sounds absolutely fearsome no matter what the volume.

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Lost Atlanta announce new single

Manchester-based post hardcore band Lost Atlanta have a new single ‘Into The Grey’ coming out on December 8th. The track features a guest guitar solo from Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson. According to the band, they are “currently writing a bunch of new songs [and] ready to hit the studio in the new year, to record a brand new EP.”

They also “plan to start branching out and playing new places around the UK“.

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