Welcome back to the Real Gone Singles Bar! For our first SB feature of ’24, we’ve dug deeply into our inbox of mp3s and assorted goodies to bring you another round of quick fire entertainment in our usual style. You’ll find the usual variety, with a dose of melodic punk, some alt country, huge rock and even some progressive black metal to tempt you. With January traditionally being a little quieter for submissions, we’ve taken the opportunity to include a couple of older tunes here that didn’t get covered during the last weeks of 2023, but that doesn’t mean a dip in quality. After all, you can’t put a sell by date on great music! As always, if you feel you have something of interest that you feel would suit a future Singles Bar – or a full review – at Real Gone, please don’t hesitate to get in touch…

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FATSO JETSON / DALI’S LLAMA – Legends Of The Desert Vol. 3

As its title suggests, ‘Legends of The Desert Vol. 3’ is the third an ongoing series of split/compilation releases bringing together material from various cult stoner rock/desert rock acts. By presenting a couple of the underground’s better known acts, this third instalment automatically runs rings around its two predecessors, and the promise of new material from the mighty Fatso Jetson automatically ensures this disc will become a favourite with genre fans everywhere.

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