The Real Gone Advent Calendar 2019

We’ve hit December 2019 and that can mean only one thing. It’s time for The Real Gone Advent Calendar!

As is traditional, over the next twenty four days, we’ll be posting a new link. It might be a video. It might be audio only. It might be an old favourite. It might be something brand new and unfamiliar. The only way to find out is by coming back each day and opening a new window.

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The Who “Live At Fillmore East 1968” to be released in April

The Who will release an archival live album on April 20th.

While 1969’s ‘Live At Leeds’ will always be the archetypal ‘Oo live release and ‘Live At The Isle of Wight 1970’ captures the band in their full blown pomp, the newly remastered and released ‘Live At Fillmore’ is an historically important record of the band in a live setting.

Not least of all because it documents the live shows for the classic ‘Who Sell Out’ LP, but also the tour represents the last time the band put on full shows without relying on the ‘Tommy’ rock opera as a centre piece, whether in full or in part.

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W.A.S.P. – The Headless Children

The_Headless_ChildrenAfter the release of three studio albums and a live record, by 1988 US shock-rockers W.A.S.P. had gained a loyal fan-base.  However, thanks to their potentially objectionable songs and frontman Blackie Lawless’s larger-than-life attitude, the band had even more detractors. Since their stage show featured raw meat, torture racks and naked women and their albums were filled with more profanity and sexist material than most bands had dared to commit to plastic by that point on the time line of hard rock history, they made life-long enemies with Tipper Gore and her self-righteous band of moral guardians in the US.

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