THE DECOY – Parasites EP

decoyThis EP from Welsh trio The Decoy is chaotic.  It’s also quite brilliant.  Restless from the outset, this band bring metallic edginess, new wavish quirks, post-hardcore sounds, alongside a dose of noise rock, touches of light reggae and jangly guitar rock together in a way that should appeal to the more open minded prog fan, or the math rock devotee.  What they lack in obvious hooks they more than make up for with sheer balls.  The results are not going to be for everyone, but we should assume that’s exactly how The Decoy like it.

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LTKLTLTaking the jazzy mathrock complexities of Wot Gorilla? and fusing their complexities with a barrage of post-rock noise worthy of MaybeSheWill, on their debut EP, Glasgow’s Dialects instantly prove themselves to be fantastic players, ready to make an impact on the alternative scene with a real love of (largely) instrumental mathrock and post-rock sounds.

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In the summer of 2012, math rock/alt-metal act Wot Gorilla? really impressed us with their very technical third release ‘Kebnekaise’.

Many live shows followed the release of the album and the band really built up a following.  With this in mind, we expected to hear more from them – maybe hints that a new album was imminent by the end of 2014, given that a new track ‘Joints’ was posted on their Bandcamp page in July.

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