bleeders-gash-cassetteIn the run up to the release of this cassette, Bleeders had been steadily building a following on the live circuit on their home turf of Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. That sort of makes sense since they have a sound that would surely work much better live; on record, their no-frills, no-wave, distorted, zero budget approach is hellishly ugly. So much so, that it makes label mates The Meltaways seem like a manufactured, multi-million dollar, radio groomed pop rock trio by direct comparison. The recording of ‘Gash’ is so raw and unrelentingly grotesque, it borders on being unlistenable. Looking at it another way, it’s so hard going, that’s an achievement in itself.

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OFF! – Live at Gilman 2011

After a handful of EP releases, OFF!’s debut album (released in the summer of 2012) was the year’s best punk record. Possibly even the best punk record of the previous decade. The combined talents of ex-Black Flag/Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris and Redd Kross man Steve McDonald was always likely to result in something fairly explosive, but OFF! really pushes their ferocity to brilliant extremes.

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OFF!: US west coast tour cancelled

It has been reported that OFF!’s upcoming tour dates have all been cancelled.

Lead vocalist Keith Morris recently slipped into a diabetic coma and is taking time out to recover.  In addition to being OFF!’s frontman, Morris is also involved with Flag, a band including other former Black Flag members.  Flag have been booked to appear at the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in Las Vegas in May.  So far, this – and Flag’s other prior shows – remain unaffected.

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