bleeders-gash-cassetteIn the run up to the release of this cassette, Bleeders had been steadily building a following on the live circuit on their home turf of Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. That sort of makes sense since they have a sound that would surely work much better live; on record, their no-frills, no-wave, distorted, zero budget approach is hellishly ugly. So much so, that it makes label mates The Meltaways seem like a manufactured, multi-million dollar, radio groomed pop rock trio by direct comparison. The recording of ‘Gash’ is so raw and unrelentingly grotesque, it borders on being unlistenable. Looking at it another way, it’s so hard going, that’s an achievement in itself.

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Genovia Forever update EP material

In the summer of 2014, hardcore punk band Genovia Forever released their debut EP ‘Shut Up & Listen!‘.  Their sound was raw but their energy immense.

A few months on, they’ve now re-recorded most of that EP material with a few new tracks.  It’s still got that necessary rawness, but on the newer recordings, some of the vocals are more audible and the bass is bigger.  The new recordings tie in with live dates in the US, the remaining dates of which are listed below.

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GENOVIA FOREVER – Shut Up And Listen! EP

genovia foreverWith a typeface best associated with UK anarcho-punks Crass and a number of US bands that launched careers in the early 80s, the choice of sleeve art on this EP from Illinois hardcore band Genovia Forever gives listeners a pretty good idea of what to expect. Except, there’s a twist: the band’s name, the people depicted on the sleeve and at least one of these songs provides a direct reference to The Princess Diaries…  Odd bedfellows indeed, but those things have inspired this four piece band to make an extremely angry recording – six tracks that recall those times when 7”s in monochrome wraparound sleeves sprang from DIY punk practitioners all across the US.

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