The Great 80s Project: 1988

With the decade coming towards its end, 1988 was a genuine mixed bag.  Pet Shop Boys released some of their best ever work; Elton John’s ‘Reg Strikes Back’ album marked somewhat of a comeback for the megastar after five years of intermittently enjoyable material and Jane Wiedlin hit the UK singles chart with ‘Rush Hour’, arguably one of the decade’s greatest pop singles.

On the heavier front, thrash metal unleashed much-loved albums by Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica;  the more melodic end of the rock spectrum saw career defining works from Poison, Queensryche and Magnum, while in more alternative circles Dinosaur Jr. and The Wonder Stuff provides some of the year’s greatest sounds.

Many people remember 1988 as the year the UK chart was swamped with remixes.  Our look back has a couple of those too, along with deep cuts from Bob Dylan, The Lemonheads and Joni Mitchell, as well as a truckload of other good stuff.

Join us for an extensive look back at another great year, as we revisit the hits, should’ve been hits and more.  As always, we hope you find something new to enjoy.