B.B. KING: September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015

Legendary blues musician BB King passed away on May 14th 2015 at the age of 89.

When it comes to the blues, fewer names are more famous.  Across a career spanning over seven decades, Mr Riley B King became a legend, a key figure in reshaping the blues from its Delta roots into the full scale electric sound with which it has endured musical fashions.

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Queen 80s & Beyond poll results + video gallery

Real Gone’s first Queen poll, looking at the band’s 70s work, was a roaring success.  Hot on its heels, we ran a second poll asking you to vote for your favourite songs from the second phase of their much-celebrated career.  While similarly successful, the second poll showed how much love fans have for band’s singles – in this case, far more so than the album material.

There’s no denying the quality of Queen’s hits between 1980-1991.  Aside from those from the “marmite” album ‘Hot Space’ (1982), the band achieved wall-to-wall greatness in the singles department during their stadium years; their singles still in regular radio rotation the world over.  …And fans clearly still love them.

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Queen 70s poll results & video gallery

Over the past week, Real Gone has been running a poll covering Queen’s seventies output.  We knew the idea would get people talking, since Queen are one of the few bands that could be considered a global phenomenon.  We had no idea when it began whether the well known hits would dominate, or whether the long-standing fans would speak out for some of those lesser heard album cuts. [Full results here.]

Almost 1,300 votes were cast, and one thing is clear.  People still absolutely adore ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.  It’s so entrenched within the Queen legacy, it’s become almost unavoidable.  Although there’s a vast amount of great material recorded by the band between 1973-78, it was guaranteed a high placing, but it secured the top spot within hours and then held onto a fairly commanding lead.  It’s easy to dismiss the song as overplayed, but if we are able to step aside from that fact for a moment, it’s still a fantastically crafted piece of music, unlike anything in rock music before, and – a couple of other Queen numbers aside – still stands out from so much since.

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EDGAR FROESE (1944-2015)

Edgar Willmar Froese passed away on 20th January 2015 at the age of 70 as a result of a pulmonary embolism.   Between the late 60s and his death, he put his mark upon over a hundred recordings with Tangerine Dream, as well as releasing several dozen solo albums (albums which have rarely been given their due; some of which were not available in their original mixes on CD for many years).

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JACK BRUCE: 14 May 1943 – 25 October 2014

Best known to most as one third of blues/psych trio Cream, Jack Bruce was one of the world’s finest bassists. In little over eighteen months as a member of that band, his profile was elevated to world-famous status, as he pitted his huge bass sound against Eric Clapton’s fuzzy guitars and Ginger Baker’s powerhouse drumming.   Those few months in the spotlight alone would be enough to ensure he would be influential to millions and forever remembered, but the work of John Symon Asher Bruce left a bigger mark on the world over a career that spanned six decades.

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