Queen 80s & Beyond poll results + video gallery

Real Gone’s first Queen poll, looking at the band’s 70s work, was a roaring success.  Hot on its heels, we ran a second poll asking you to vote for your favourite songs from the second phase of their much-celebrated career.  While similarly successful, the second poll showed how much love fans have for band’s singles – in this case, far more so than the album material.

There’s no denying the quality of Queen’s hits between 1980-1991.  Aside from those from the “marmite” album ‘Hot Space’ (1982), the band achieved wall-to-wall greatness in the singles department during their stadium years; their singles still in regular radio rotation the world over.  …And fans clearly still love them.

It’s not until position twenty that an album track even sees a chart position (‘Princes of the Universe’ was not a UK single release, but charted elsewhere), when the funky ‘Dragon Attack’ proves popular.  Generally speaking – and somewhat surprising – those album tracks only received a moderate response.  Even then, a few of the choices were surprising… Who’d have thought that the sub-disco number ‘Cool Cat’ would be vastly more popular than the storming rocker ‘Kashoggi’s Ship?!

You can view the full chart here.

In celebration of those Queen tunes that scored a vast majority of the hits, we present a gallery of clips – involving many still currently unavailable on DVD.  [A gallery of our 70s winners can be watched here.]

As always, to everyone who took part, we thank you.


THE SHOW MUST GO ON (official video)

UNDER PRESSURE (Live in Japan, 1985)

RADIO GA GA (Live In Rio, 1985)


INNUENDO (official video)

WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER (Live at Wembley, 1986)

I WANT IT ALL (official video)

SAVE ME (Live in Buenos Aires, 1981)

I WANT TO BREAK FREE (Live In Rio, 1985)

ONE VISION (Live in Budapest, 1986)