Queen 80s & Beyond poll results + video gallery

Real Gone’s first Queen poll, looking at the band’s 70s work, was a roaring success.  Hot on its heels, we ran a second poll asking you to vote for your favourite songs from the second phase of their much-celebrated career.  While similarly successful, the second poll showed how much love fans have for band’s singles – in this case, far more so than the album material.

There’s no denying the quality of Queen’s hits between 1980-1991.  Aside from those from the “marmite” album ‘Hot Space’ (1982), the band achieved wall-to-wall greatness in the singles department during their stadium years; their singles still in regular radio rotation the world over.  …And fans clearly still love them.

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Queen 70s poll results & video gallery

Over the past week, Real Gone has been running a poll covering Queen’s seventies output.  We knew the idea would get people talking, since Queen are one of the few bands that could be considered a global phenomenon.  We had no idea when it began whether the well known hits would dominate, or whether the long-standing fans would speak out for some of those lesser heard album cuts. [Full results here.]

Almost 1,300 votes were cast, and one thing is clear.  People still absolutely adore ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.  It’s so entrenched within the Queen legacy, it’s become almost unavoidable.  Although there’s a vast amount of great material recorded by the band between 1973-78, it was guaranteed a high placing, but it secured the top spot within hours and then held onto a fairly commanding lead.  It’s easy to dismiss the song as overplayed, but if we are able to step aside from that fact for a moment, it’s still a fantastically crafted piece of music, unlike anything in rock music before, and – a couple of other Queen numbers aside – still stands out from so much since.

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