MAMMOTH SPIRIT – Mammoth Spirit EP

mammoth spirit epThroughout 2014, Brooklyn based garage rockers Greasy Hearts were phenomenally busy. Between May and December that year, they issued three cassettes and played a number of live shows. There was talk of another release in 2015, but nothing materialised and then at the very end of the year, three Greasy Hearts members resurfaced as part of Mammoth Spirit, a more complex band trading in the much of their straight up garage stance for an unpolished hybrid of blues, funk and retro psych sounds with an old soul.

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THE JEANIES – The Jeanies

jeaniesTrading in 60s garage rock for the sounds of late 60s guitar-pop, The Jeanies are a band from Brooklyn featuring vocalist/guitarist Joey Farber, sometime member of Greasy Hearts.  The ten numbers making up their debut full length represent a celebration of power pop’s golden age – songs brimming with innocence, chiming guitars and feelgood intents.

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GREASY HEARTS/SUN VOYAGER – Grease Voyage (split release)

svgh split2014 was a very busy year for Brooklyn-based garage rockers Greasy Hearts.  At the start of the year, they turned up at fledgling lo-fi label King Pizza Records with their debut EP already recorded, which the label put out straight away.  A few months later, they were back in the studio with the label’s in-house producer Seth Applebaum recording new material – the six resultant songs sharper, the performances capturing more fire than before.  Gigs were played…lots of gigs; guitarist Joey Farber also played and recorded with his other band The Jeanies.  Somehow, between everything else, the Greasy Hearts still found time to record three more tracks, released here as part of a split release with Sun Voyager for the first time.

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Audio & Anchovies: Real Gone meets King Pizza Records


Sometimes it can be easy to feel like the corporate giants are repeatedly flooding the market with expensive repackages of classic albums, hugely expensive box sets and the like.  Truth is, while we all have our “classic albums”, music fans still need something completely new to discover and thankfully, we now live in a world where there’s more music than ever before at our disposal.  So much, in fact, that much of it is in danger of being overlooked.  There are literally thousands of underground bands and hundreds of DIY labels and you often have to put in some hard yards to find them, but we live in very exciting musical times.  On the eve of the their first anniversary, a few faces from King Pizza Records – one of the US’s most no-nonsense DIY labels –met with Real Gone to give us the skinny…and, man, they had an impressive amount of enthusiasm!


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GREASY HEARTS – Greasy Hearted EP

greasy hearts epIn March 2014 lo-fi garage rock combo Greasy Hearts released their self-titled debut EP.  Recorded on a meagre budget, the six numbers captured the band in raw form, driven by self-belief and pure adrenaline.  Live shows quickly followed and the New Jersey based quartet began to pick up a greasy following.  Within months, they were back in the studio recording a follow up release.

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