The Yes studio albums poll

In June 2015 the world lost one of its finest musicians.  Mr. Chris Squire, founder and only constant member of Yes was not only one of the best bass players in progressive and classic rock circles, but one of the finest bassists, period. Perhaps only second to Jack Bruce in terms of huge influence, Squire’s playing was always near the pinnacle of brilliance.

He could be simple, complex, lyrical…and sometimes all within the confines of the same passage of music.  It may sound cliched, but Squire was a man who knew how it felt to be one with his instrument of choice, someone able to really make their bass speak.

At Real Gone, we’ve always been huge fans of Yes – in most, if not all incarnations – and it’s unlikely a week passes without at least one Yes album being spun.

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The Iron Maiden Studio Albums Poll

book of soulsIron Maiden are one of the world’s most enduring hard rock/classic metal bands.  Henry Rollins once claimed they have “fans in any country that has electricity”.  The band’s appeal has stretched beyond their 80s breakthough and they’ve survived shifting line ups, while tours have seen them circle the globe many, many times.

Maiden’s fans are some of the most committed, so it was unsurprising that the internet went into a mini-frenzy when it was announced that a new studio album had not only been completed and scheduled for release in September 2015, but it was also to be the band’s first two-disc studio release, and it was also to include the longest song they’ve written to date.

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THE BIG QUEEN POLL: Part One – The 1970s

In recent years, the market has almost been flooded with Queen compilations. We’ve seen ‘Absolute Queen’, three volumes of ‘Deep Cuts’ and most recently ‘Queen Forever’ a collection of ballads with a couple of unreleased bits to tempt the die-hard fan.

The band really pleased fans when they issued the complete ‘Live At The Rainbow ’74’ show, a live set capturing the very early Queen on fire. This release has led to some speculation as to whether more live sets will be issued. We all know that excellent quality footage from Hammersmith 1975 and Hyde Park 1976 exists in the Queen vault, but some fans are currently speculating about an expanded reissue of the classic ‘Live Killers’ disc…

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Fall Out Boy released their sixth album, the much anticipated ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ in the UK on January 19th and have also announced a set of live dates.

At Real Gone, we still love ‘Under The Cork Tree’ no matter how old it gets, but with all the excitement surrounding the new release, we want to know how do YOU rate the new album overall? Is it an instant hit, or is there an older FOB work you just can’t say goodbye to?

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