ZWAN – Live at Rock am Ring 2003

In just two short years, Zwan demoed and recorded a huge amount of material.  Whether in their electric format (The True Poets of Zwan) or stripped back and more acoustic driven (Djali Zwan), the Billy Corgan-fronted project showed a great depth and inventiveness.

Always a prolific writer, with Zwan, Corgan occasionally showed off his power pop influences (‘Lyric’, ‘Yeah’) alongside expansive prog rock indulgences (‘Jesus I/Mary Star of the Sea’).  While not always championed by everyone, this varied approach to material ensured Zwan’s only studio album remains a thrilling listening experience years after the event.

There were big plans for Zwan’s future, including a Djali Zwan album and accompanying documentary film, but the band’s life was cut short and it wasn’t to be.
Following the release of the superdeluxe box of The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Adore’ in 2014, rumours circulated regarding a similar Zwan box, but Corgan chose instead to focus on new Pumpkins material, resulting in the excellent ‘Monuments To An Elegy’ released at the end of that year.

Zwan might have only left the world one studio album, but various live shows were recorded and traded by fans and a couple of high profile shows were even filmed for professional broadcast.   So, until studio outtakes or Djali Zwan acoustic material appears – should it ever appear, of course – we invite you to spend the next hour with the band in their all too brief prime…