Listen: Miss Georgia Peach shares free download of solo material

The past year has been pretty kind to Miss Georgia Peach.  Her early work with The Short Fuses gained a reissue, the 2018 EP from Beebe Gallini reached a new audience thanks to being picked up by the folks at Rum Bar Records, and she’s also found time to record a new full length with the band (the equally excellent ‘Pandemos’).

On top of that, she’s also dipped back into the archives for a couple of solo tunes which are now being offered as a download on a “pay what you want basis” (which, obviously, can be a free download if you’re that way inclined).  Genre-wise, they’re not in the same ball park as Beebe Gallini, but both tracks serve up a familiar vocal and that will certainly be enough for a lot of people to (re)approach these recordings with a keen interest.

Taking a sidestep into raucous country sounds, these 2019 recordings find Peach teaming up with members on Nashville Pussy. ‘You Blow My Mind’ is stomping tune that mixes her usual sass with bits of a grubby blue collar rock guitar sound and a throwback to Loretta Lynn’s storytelling.  The over pronounced vocals – delivered as a male/female duet – give everything a very staged feel, but it seems perfect for the job in hand with the old country vibes often given a massive kick up the arse with some overdriven guitar work.  Once you tune into the tongue in cheek feel of everything, it’s a great performance, and hearing the whole band pull into a massive, crashy finish suggests a collaboration with a great energy.  ‘Do You Know What Love Means?’ takes a similar stance, but does an even better job, with Miss Georgia throwing out a massive vocal cry against an assembled choir of backing vocals whilst an overdriven rhythm guitar chugs against a classic “boom-chicka-boom” rhythm that would make the genre’s forefathers smile.  Even if the music isn’t your cup of tea, it’s hard to argue that Peach has rarely been in stronger voice.

You can grab a download via the Bandcamp widget below.