FENCES – Wide Eyed Elk Ensemble EP

Back in 2015, Fences made music that sat very comfortably within the indie-rock spectrum. The sound on that year’s ‘Lesser Oceans’ tapped into a sound that often sounded like a more synth based Mercury Rev crossed with the quieter and poppier moments from The New Pornographers. By the time 2019’s acclaimed ‘Failure Sculptures’ rolled around, band leader and frontman Christopher Mansfield seemed to be besotted by various elements of Americana. In adding extra folk and Americana derived elements to the already strong alt-pop sound, Fences created something rather special and a strange bubble where Fleet Foxes and Beck seemed to co-exist helped to create the band’s defining work.

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Listen to the new single from Brit-folk act Roo Panes

It’s got the haunting piano of parts of Nick Drake’s back catalogue and the deep, chocolatey tones of Gomez.  The new single from British alt-folk act Roo Panes is a maudlin treat, indeed.

Taken the their forthcoming album ‘Quiet Man’, out via CRC Records on June 15th, if the new single is indicative of the rest of the full length, those who like a deep, late night listen are in for something very enjoyable.

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After a five year recording break, ‘The Light’ marks the return of one of Greece’s most popular English speaking bands, Tango With Lions. With core sounds rooted within the early mid 90s, Tango With Lions are keeping the flame of European dreampop alive…or so it would seem if you were to only listen to the first few tracks of this 2018 comeback disc. ‘The Light’ presents lots of floaty, dreamy alternative sounds – ’tis true – but it ploughs deeper into bits of alt-folk than most dreampop acts would consider, or even dare.

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Neutral Milk Hotel confirm tour dates for the end of 2013

Neutral Milk Hotel are set to play a run of live dates between October and December 2013.  The run of dates will see Jeff Mangum and company trekking across the US, before heading off to Australia, Taiwan and Japan.

At the time of writing, there are no scheduled plans to play in the UK or any European territories.  All confirmed shows are listed below.

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