Watch the new video from 20 Watt Tombstone

On 22nd January 2021, 20 Watt Tombstone made a long overdue return with their new EP ‘Year of The Jackalope’. Reworking tracks by ZZ Top and Chris Stapleton in typical Tombstone heavy blues style, the two track release had the potential to reel in new fans due to its well-chosen material. After all, the opportunity to hear ZZ Top heavied up and made a little more interesting is one that shouldn’t be missed…

As part of the ongoing promotion for the release, they’ve just shared a new video. You can now experience their chunky ‘Midnight Train To Memphis’ as delivered from their rehearsal space. Whether you’ve already purchased the EP or this is brand new to you, it’s time to crank the volume…

A full review of ‘Year of The Jackalope’ can be found here

20 WATT TOMBSTONE – Year Of The Jackalope EP

When you’ve made most of your reputation as a live act, it’s a massive blow when a global pandemic dictates that you can’t go out and deliver riffs to the masses. This less than ideal situation drove 20 Watt Tombstone back into the studio at the end of 2020, breaking a five year silence of recorded work. While the results aren’t exactly plentiful, they’re more than welcome, since this pair of recordings reacquaint listeners with their no-nonsense, self-described “death blues” sound and of their chief influences. ‘Year of The Jackalope’ brings together a pair of cover tunes delivered in dirty and typical 20 Watt style, acting as both a welcome return for fans and a brilliant introduction for others.

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