‘Live It Up’ with a free digital single from Rum Bar Records signings Duck & Cover

Over the past couple of years, Rum Bar Records has delivered a truckload of great DIY music. We’ve seen great rock and releases from Watts, Kris Rodgers and K7s (featuring Kurt Baker). We’ve seen an equally impressive soul revue from Shanda & The Howlers.
[Articles/streams of each can be found behind the HTML links]

The hits keep coming… The label now has another free download for you in the shape of the new single from Duck & Cover ahead of the Summer release of their EP.

Of the new single, Chris Wissmuller has this to say: “Live It Up is pretty much more of the same from us: hard rock/punk/garage/whatever-the-fuck-we-are. My intent was to write a Hellacopters-meets-The-Cult song, but this wound up sounding more AC/DC going bowling with The Allman Brothers. Or maybe not. What the fuck do I know? On the surface, it’s a pretty standard fare “see ya later, darlin!” song — pissed-off hard rock. Oh, but beneath the surface there’s so, so, SO much more (No, there really isn’t). Recorded this one and a bunch of other new tracks with Chris Johnson late this Spring, just like our last two EPs, because we like that dude and he gets it. Hope folks enjoy this track. If they don’t, it’s not gonna keep me up at night. 7″ mini-EP and digital/CD EP — our first releases on Rum Bar Records — both out later this summer. Get psyched!

Grab your download from the Bandcamp widget below.