Keep ‘Em Peeled!: Real Gone’s Top Music Predictions For 2018

As we head into a new year at Real Gone, we’re committed to our ongoing voyage of musical discovery…and we really hope you’ll join us for the ride. Our inbox is bulging with new promos and we’re ready to share our opinions with you all.

Before we set off, though, here’s a quick look forward. There will be a lot of musicians either coming up through the ranks or making their first important musical statements throughout ’18 and – as always – we’ll do our very best to champion some of the more interesting but, in the meantime, here are our five picks most hotly tipped to either make the leap to bigger things or release favourite tracks.


If you’re not fed up with us championing these guys yet, you’ve either got good taste or you haven’t been listening. Bright lights on the underground UK folk/Americana scene, Worry Dolls released their debut ‘Go Get Gone’ in January ’17 and have been gigging ever since. The first weeks of the new year finds Zoe Nicol and Rosie Jones heading off to mainland Europe to spread their musical word. We don’t know if there’ll be a new recording for ’18, but there will be ample opportunities to catch a live show or two.


The Anglo-Dutch proggers’ second album, ‘Absorption Lines’ was a long time coming, but its space-themed concept and variety of material made it worth the wait. There is some great news: the third album is almost upon us…and we’re hearing rumours that it might be different again. Whether that alienates old fans (in a Steven Wilson style) or expands the fanbase, well…we’ll have to see. We can guarantee it’ll be a record made with love and sweat, though…and sometimes records that take longer to click are the best. Real Gone will be bringing more news from the Jet Black Sea camp soon.

This young singer-songwriter from the UK has released a handful of excellent EPs to date, but with the presence of the dark and mournful ‘Hey Mr Cowboy’ (also featured on 2017’s free download from Real Gone) ‘Shelter’ is her best work yet. Last year, she gigged regularly up and down England, but also reached Scotland and Germany. As the months pass, Carpenter’s following grows…and we’ll be keeping an even closer eye on her work.


In October, experimental rock combo The Fierce And The Dead played their biggest London headliner to date. It’s onward and upward in ’18 for guitarist Matt Stevens and crew, with a much-anticipated new album, ‘Euphoric’, due for release in May. If you’ve still not heard this boundary pushing, noise making prog rock/art rock machine, it’s time to put them at the top of your “to listen to” list.


In January 2015, Real Gone interviewed Mick Terry, a singer-songwriter from London. We’d been following Mick’s career for a couple of years by that point and were keen to find out about the new album he’d been making. Three years on, that (now mythical) second album isn’t out in the wild, but Mick promises it will be released in ’18. We’ve heard a few teasers and bits and pieces and can confirm that those whom have a liking for classic pop songwriters of the past will find new music to love.


As champions of independent labels and musicians and taste makers, we reckon if you’re looking for something new to fill your ears, you won’t be disappointed with any of the above. Occasionally unnerved, maybe (The Fierce And The Dead, we’re looking at you), but never disappointed. Here’s to the new year and new music aplenty!