Thrones, Kings, Minos & Rhinos (A Real Gone Sampler)

An important and popular fixture on the Real Gone calendar, the free sampler has offered a broad range of tracks for keen-eared listeners since its inception back in 2010. Usually, the samplers would cover a broad range of music. This year, in line with 2014, we’ve covered so much metal, it needed it’s own free download!

While we’ve always championed variety and diversity, it seemed only fair not to mix death and extreme metal numbers with country, singer-songwriters and acoustic flashiness (all of which can be found on our other sampler for 2016), since that didn’t seem to do any parties any real favours…and so, for our loyal and metal oriented readers and listeners, this time around, we offer a real treat. ‘Thrones, Kings, Minos & Rhinos’ offers the better part of an hour’s worth of thrash, doom, death and more besides!


01 ANGERDOME – Through The Mirror
02 1968 – Green Sails
03 HARVEST – King of Nothing
04 MORAG TONG – Through Clouded Time
05 IMPERIUM – Minos
06 HOT MOTH – Rhino
07 NORDWITCH – To Nord Gods
08 EVIL REBORN – Throne of Insanity
09 SUN OF GAIA – Blinding Light


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We’d like to thank each of the bands who’ve generously allowed us to use tracks from their year’s work and to anyone else who helped make this possible. DISCLAIMER: These tracks are given away on the understanding they are to be downloaded as part of the supplied zip file only. Real Gone is not making a profit from these materials. Nor are we responsible for what happens to the mp3s once they reach other hands. The Real Gone website is the only official source for the Real Gone sampler.