Volume 4: Black Earth (A Real Gone Sampler)

It’s become somewhat of a tradition at Real Gone to round up tunes we’ve enjoyed throughout the year and then share them in the hope of opening some new ears for independent bands.   2014 is no different – in fact, this year, we’ve got two samplers together!

This first instalment is a testament to the amount of great metal that’s passed through Real Gone Towers during 2014.
Ten tracks, fifty six minutes, riffs aplenty.    Crank the volume and enjoy!

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THE JEANIES – The Jeanies

jeaniesTrading in 60s garage rock for the sounds of late 60s guitar-pop, The Jeanies are a band from Brooklyn featuring vocalist/guitarist Joey Farber, sometime member of Greasy Hearts.  The ten numbers making up their debut full length represent a celebration of power pop’s golden age – songs brimming with innocence, chiming guitars and feelgood intents.

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