OF ALLIES – Fragments EP

DownloadandCDIn 2014, UK alt-rockers released their debut EP ‘Tempers’, a short collection of meaty rockers focusing on the contrasts between a heavy riff and melodic vocal.  With the perfect mix of riffs and hooks, it showed the workings of a new band with solid foundations and promised great things for the future.  A year on, their second release – ‘Fragments’, released early in the summer of 2015 – takes everything that was promising and really tightens it.  The five featured songs are very heavy on the riffs, but more so than before, but to counterbalance that, there’s also a greater focus on vocal melodies.

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Volume 4: Black Earth (A Real Gone Sampler)

It’s become somewhat of a tradition at Real Gone to round up tunes we’ve enjoyed throughout the year and then share them in the hope of opening some new ears for independent bands.   2014 is no different – in fact, this year, we’ve got two samplers together!

This first instalment is a testament to the amount of great metal that’s passed through Real Gone Towers during 2014.
Ten tracks, fifty six minutes, riffs aplenty.    Crank the volume and enjoy!

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OF ALLIES – Tempers EP

of allies epTogether for only a year at the time of its release, ‘Tempers’ by UK alt-rockers Of Allies shows a strong sense of focus and of self-belief.  The material doesn’t always show a great range of styles, but essentially this is a good thing – a sign of a band that know exactly what works for them, resulting in five numbers that include no unnecessary padding.  Bringing much heaviness, their crunch oft balanced with an accessibility , the EPs opening track ‘Ghosts’ really makes a play for catching the ear as quickly as possible– and very much succeeds. From a clean intro comprising a couple of clean guitar chords and a soft, heart-rending vocal, the band quickly branch out into a somewhat rhythmic piece, led which drummer Danny Barrick, rattling off his snares with speed.  This is intercut with a heavier chorus riff, the guitars adopting a dirty approach. While clearly comprised of three distinct parts, the bands strong feeling for melody gives everything a natural feeling of togetherness.  It’s a tune that should appeal to fans of bands in the Chevelle mould – heaviness with a very tuneful undercurrent.

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