Volume 4: Black Earth (A Real Gone Sampler)

It’s become somewhat of a tradition at Real Gone to round up tunes we’ve enjoyed throughout the year and then share them in the hope of opening some new ears for independent bands.   2014 is no different – in fact, this year, we’ve got two samplers together!

This first instalment is a testament to the amount of great metal that’s passed through Real Gone Towers during 2014.
Ten tracks, fifty six minutes, riffs aplenty.    Crank the volume and enjoy!

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SEVEN DEADLY – Obliviation

seven deadlySeven Deadly’s debut release, the ‘Allegiance EP’, gained the band positive coverage from lots of different corners of the rock press, with independent websites, established magazines and one-man bloggers practically falling over themselves to praise the British quintet.  From the ashes of Panic Cell, this then new band proved that they had so much to give.   …And a year down the road, with their first full length release, the band shows no signs of tiring.  If anything, they sound even better.

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SEVEN DEADLY – The Allegiance EP

seven deadlyFeaturing three ex-members of Panic Cell, Seven Deadly are a five piece metal band from the UK.  Although they credit themselves as a thrash metal band, their overall sound isn’t as rooted within the classic eighties subgenre as some (Cry Havoc, we’re looking at you!).  Perhaps more than thrash, the riffs on this debut EP often evoke the sounds of Pantera styled power grooves, as well as more than a passing resemblance to the mighty Lamb of God, while vocally, their use of filters and clean melodies puts them more in line with Killswitch Engage and the twenty first century metalcore scene.  In many respects, though, these musical tags are unimportant; it’s whether the music makes an impression that’s of most importance – and from a huge metal perspective, even though it’s hugely generic,‘The Allegiance EP’ mostly pushes the right buttons.

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