Around the same time Mark Bacino released ‘Queens English’, over in Boston, singer-songwriter Scott Janovitz was working with his band The Russians. Their sole album ‘Crashing The Party’ was well received by the power pop community in 2010, but never followed up. What happened?

“Right after I released The Russians record, my wife gave birth to our daughter Veronica.”, Janovitz told Real Gone in November 2014.

“Apart from a couple of trips playing keys for Graham Parker and some one-off gigs here and there, I was focused more on family than on creating new music. In fact, I hadn’t finished a song in so long that when I finally got motivated to do it, it was not easy. Not so much writer’s block as pure rust. So I wrote some shit songs to get through that and finally started coming up with stuff that I liked. I started tracking at the end of 2013 and kept on writing. It’s still a slow process for me, as I’m easily distracted and not super-organized, but I’m getting ready to start releasing new music within the next month under my own name. I think I’m just going to keep recording and releasing digital EPs, and then maybe collect them for an album when I’ve got enough stuff. I just started doing some gigs, again shaking the rust off, and it’s been so great. Looking forward to more of it all!”

Like many, we look forward to hearing more new music from Scott in the future. Some things are worth waiting for!

December 2014