Although Matilda’s Scoundrel’s announced they’d be taking a hiatus from the end of 2019 – every hard working musician needs a rest eventually, unless they’re Frank Turner – a few previously unreleased tracks have slipped through the cracks since then. Their contribution to a Revenge of The Psychotronic Man tribute release (‘Rrose Selavy’) blended fuzzy post-punk guitar noises to a ska rhythm which, when topped with various mandolin style sounds, became a great four minute example of the band’s abilities to cross genres even when working with other peoples’ material, and a couple of left-overs from the sessions for their 2017 release ‘As The Tide Turns’ crept out on a 7” at the beginning of 2021.

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Grab a mega punk bargain from TNS Records on Bandcamp Friday

It’s another Bandcamp Friday! That means fans of independent music can pick up physical and digital music from various bands and labels without Bandcamp taking a commission. A bigger cut of the profits going to the music makers means you can feel good about spending a little extra money.

For today’s Bandcamp Friday, Manchester based punk label TNS Records have an unmissable deal for you. Valid for today only, here’s your chance to check out some of the labels wares for a giveaway price. The label are offering boxes of “mystery items” on CD and vinyl from their back catalogue for the equivalent of mere pennies!

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INCISIONS / PIZZATRAMP – Do You Know Who You Look Like (split release)

This 2020 split release from TNS records brings together four previously unreleased tracks from Incision and Pizzatramp – two bands that had made some fairly obvious waves on the UK underground punk scene over the previous couple of years. Valuing speed and anger over almost everything else, it’s one of those 7”s that’s pretty much bound to make an instant impression.

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