MPF (Manchester Punk Festival) returns for 2024 – First bands announced

Over the years, MPF (Manchester Punk Festival) has been a brilliant showcase for hundreds of up and coming bands. Alongside a few name headliners, the event has been the best place to see alternative and punk artists in small venues as they make their mark on the DIY scene.

Previous years have seen sets from Propagandhi, Light Year, Wonk Unit, Chaser, Pizzatramp and countless others. The legendary Discharge had been confirmed to appear at the 2020 event, but the world had other ideas.

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INCISIONS / PIZZATRAMP – Do You Know Who You Look Like (split release)

This 2020 split release from TNS records brings together four previously unreleased tracks from Incision and Pizzatramp – two bands that had made some fairly obvious waves on the UK underground punk scene over the previous couple of years. Valuing speed and anger over almost everything else, it’s one of those 7”s that’s pretty much bound to make an instant impression.

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