Watch the new video from Davey Lane’s band, The Pictures

At the end of September ’22, Davey Lane’s band The Pictures made a long overdue return. The release of the ‘I Can’t Hold Back’ single marked the end of a fifteen year silence for the band, but in many ways, the track played as if it’d been a mere heartbeat since their previous release.

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RivetSkull cover Aerosmith classic on reworked version of ‘Trail of Souls’

In their own words, RivetSkull are a band committed to “bringing classic heavy metal into the future”, but their range of influences often sets them apart from being yet another leather trousered band of blokes recycling traditional sounds.

Their ‘Trail of Souls’ album was recorded in 2020 in less than ideal conditions, as a global pandemic took hold. The album’s production obviously showed these limitations, especially through a slightly muddy guitar tone and flat drum sound, but the best songs shone through the murk, often suggesting the work of a band who understood the importance of melody.

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Check out the current single from Carrion Vael

On August 12th, American tech/death metal band released their second album ‘Abhorrent Obsessions’, which quickly became a hit with their cult fanbase.  As part of the promotion for the album, they’ve released ‘Tithes of Forbearance’ as a digital single, along with an animated lyric video clip, which can be seen below.

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