Brighton band The Rattlebacks unveil new track ‘Over The Edge’

Brighton band The Rattlebacks aren’t messing around on their single ‘Over The Edge’. Taking huge cues from a classic hard rock sound and mixing that with vaguely grungy overtones, the track captures the band in blistering form as they work their way through a heavy, mid tempo riff.

The general groove here pays homage to the early sounds of Black Stone Cherry, but The Rattlebacks add a little of their own flair thanks to a much tougher sound and by being unafraid to share a very old school lead break en route.

In many ways, the track is dominated by guitarists Coxy and Max – both serving the arrangement with some absolutely massive sounds – but vocalist Josh Clarke can be heard putting in equally hard yards throughout, as he shares a classic tone and a performance that never shies away from some huge notes. Factor in a high octane lead break that captures the energies of peak Guns N’ Roses and ‘Slave To The Grind’ era Skid Row, and the track has a no-nonsense approach that’ll appeal to fans of hard rock and melodic metal everywhere.

Not only is ‘Over The Edge’ a vast improvement on 2023’s ‘Rattleback’, but it also puts the band among the strongest players in the current scene, alongside the brilliant Black Vultures and Stone Broken.

The Rattlebacks are definitely a band to look out for in 2024.
Check out the new video clip below.

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