Watch: Fred Abong shares new video for ‘Listening’

Fred Abong’s current album ‘Blindness’ is a bleak affair, but it’s the kind of record that fans of semi lo-fi material will eventually love. Despite being full of low key arrangements, the record’s best songs come with a surprising amount of texture, and a few plays uncovers a variety of dark soundscape that show off Abong’s DIY sound with a genuine strength.

As part of the album’s ongoing promotion, Fred has just issued a new video for the track ‘Listening’. For those yet to hear ‘Blindness’, ‘Listening’ offers a decent entry point with  its Cohen-esque vibe. The number opens with a funereal mood, but really comes into its own once the slow moving melody twists briefly into something a little busier, teasing with synth based fills and an a semi-acoustic, descending melody. The number’s final movement actually offers something unexpected, too, when an array of toms underscores a slow piano melody. The track creates a feeling of movement without ever feeling busy, and in doing so, becomes the perfect example of the whole album’s understated, yet strangely cinematic sound.

‘Blindness’ is available as a digital download now, and gets a physical CD release via Moochin’ About Records on 5th July 2024.