DORKATRON – The Extra Mile EP

Dorkatron are a straight-up pop-punk band from Austria. Featuring ex-members of DeeCracks, the band arguably gained their most attention in 2017 when they released a Star Wars themed track, ‘May 4th’…at a timely moment in December. Such a funny thing to do. Perhaps they were inspired by the chaos and bewilderment of The Star Wars Holiday Special? Whatever, the main thing you need to know about Dorkatron is that despite not having the best name in the world, they create fine, fine melodic punk; better than a lot of the tunes given to the world by DeeCracks themselves, in fact, since, above all else the vocals on this second EP are hugely melodic. …And when it comes to a bit of longevity, that’s quite important.

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RENE SG – Fucko EP

If it’s too fast…you’re too slow!” proudly proclaims the blurb behind Rene SG’s 2018 EP. “Fast” isn’t exactly the word: these dutch punks give Zeke and Speadealer a run for their money by packing a whole album’s worth of tunes onto just seven inches of plastic.

Not all of the tunes are new at the time of release, however. ‘Fucko’ reissues the whole of RSG’s debut and throws in a few other tracks for good measure. That said, the bulk of the material will still be unfamiliar to those outside of the Netherlands, so any kind of reissue and re-promotion seems welcome.

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