Listen: A Phone Call From Oliver Reed (A Real Gone Sampler 2023)

The year end “sampler” has long been one of our year end traditions at Real Gone. Although in recent years, the sampler has taken the form of an online stream as opposed to a traditional download, we’ve continued to receive good feedback about the annual project, and still managed to introduce people to things they missed throughout the previous twelve months.

This year, we feel that our selection of tunes is our most eclectic. There has been a lot of great stuff featured at Real Gone this year. The site’s output has increased, and the variety of music covered has diversed a little more than usual, and that’s been reflected here.

Featured among the 25 tracks, you’ll find highlights from some of the year’s best albums, but also various digital singles that have appeared in our Singles Bar features. We’ve tried to pull the best from everything: pop, rock, singer songwriters, even a couple of electronica based tunes. …And yes, there are a couple of things that lean into the metal bracket, too. Without those, it wouldn’t be a fair representation of what we do!

As always, we hope you find something to enjoy. Happy listening!

[With apologies to those who don’t use Spotify. This really is the easiest way to put the sampler together now. However, with a little leg work, you’ll find most of these tracks streaming elsewhere on the site, either via YouTube or Bandcamp links.]