Watch Kurt Baker’s new animated video for ‘New Direction’

In the age of streaming and the likes of Spotify supplying a world of new tunes at the push of a button, it sometimes feels as if music has become a disposable commodity.  Albums often appear, get a six week promotional cycle and then disappear just as quickly, leaving the consumer to move on to the next quick hit.

Good music deserves far more of a shelf life. How else are new releases allowed time to grow into the new ‘Pet Sounds’ or ‘Born To Run’?  Nobody understands how important it is to cling onto great music than Kurt Baker.  He’s still busily promoting his 2020 album ‘After Party’.  Since that album was released, he’s relocated back to the US, hooked up with his old bandmates (including Kris Rodgers of Dirty Gems fame), and started playing new gigs in support of the record. There’s so much about it that could be his best to date, so it really deserves this ongoing love.

Kurt’s most recent promotion comes in the shape of an animated video for lead track ‘New Direction’.  There’s not much that forges a new direction for KB within the arrangement itself, in that it’s a pure power pop nugget that blends Cars-esque guitar work, punchy bass work from old Joe Jackson records and a brilliant bubblegum chorus in a way that sounds like the perfect successor to his ‘Brand New Beat’ LP. However, if its tried and tested style reels people in to discover the album’s more mature and varied nuggets, it’s all to the good.  The accompanying video is simple yet fun, and the cartoon visuals amp up Baker’s frivolous spirit perfectly.  Check out the new clip below.

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