Watch the new video for ‘My Pale King’ by Fences

In the spring of 2021, singer songwriter Christopher Mansfield (aka Fences) released ‘The Wide-Eyed Elk Ensemble’, a welcome EP of new material that ventured even deeper into a world of sad and spooky indie.  Extensive use of the electric piano and a hazy element of Americana gave the best of the material a retro yet almost timeless quality.

This sound was at its most effective during ‘My Pale King’, a slow and mournful waltz that managed to feel unsettling and beautiful all at once.  For those yet to hear the EP, the track provides the perfect entry point and, obviously realising this, Mansfield has now shared a very natural and almost lo-fi video clip to compliment the track.

The full clip for ‘My Pale King’ can be watched below.  A full review of the EP can be found here.