Watch: Dany Laj goes to sea in new animated video for ‘You & Me’

Canadian pop heroes Dany Laj And The Looks have returned and the follow up to their insanely catchy single ‘Don’t Keep Me Guessing’ is a similarly infectious piece of retro pop.

‘You & Me’ cares not for fashion. Its mission is to deliver some retro sounding power pop hooks in a hard and fast style.  The opening guitar lines may well resemble The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ with their driving style, but the song quickly branches out to introduce a few much bigger 60s sounds and, in this case, Dany and Jeanette very much call back to Marshall Crenshaw with their use of ringing guitars and harmonies.

As before, the main hook is relatively simple, but inside of these sugary two and a half minutes, the band shows a real knack for making the relatively throwaway sound like a vital musical statement. You’ll find sharp pop melodies battling with an almost garage rock like punch, a natural vocal and an all round ability to make AM radio sounds truly come alive.  The fact that it’s all wrapped within a semi animated clip that finds Captain Laj battling a giant octopus and subsequently settling on a desert island just adds to the fun!

Watch the full clip below.