German noisemakers Zeit return with minimalist video ahead of new release

Between 2015 and 2017 German trio Zeit carved themselves a niche within the world of extreme metal with three enjoyable – if challenging releases – that fused black metal intensities with an almost industrial abrasiveness. Further releases combined the black metal elements with heavier and doomier riffs, very much showing a band willing to stretch out without any concession to lightening up.

Their upcoming release ‘Betonkrebs’ promises to be different again, with the band taking on elements of hardcore and crust punk to further broaden their arsenal of anger. Ahead of the release, they’ve shared a minimalist video clip for ‘Stillgestanden’ which suits their cold stance on…pretty much everything. More importantly, the track gives fans a great insight into how well bassist Flakmann incorporates a Chuck Dukowski-esque bottom end into Zeit’s wall of sound.

‘Betonkrebs’ is released on cassette and digital formats on March 26th. Further info can be found at the Zeit Bandcamp page here.

You can check out the new video below. You can also check out a review and stream of 2017’s ‘Konvergenze’ here.