The Fierce And The Dead share surprise new live EP for Bandcamp Friday

Things are busy behind the scenes with The Fierce And The Dead.  The British post-rock band have had live shows cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but they’ve taken a lot of time to work on home demos and ideas for album number 4, which they’ve more than hinted will be as different from ‘The Euphoric’ as that album had been from 2013’s ‘Spooky Action’.

It’ll be a while before bits of the new work reaches fans’ ears, so in the meantime, they’ve shared a few tracks from their last live show as a digital EP.  The three tracks recorded at the Hope & Anchor serve as both a reminder of music made before their ‘Euphoric’ breakthrough and of a great live band.

Celebrating the band’s early years, the EP features a wonky and especially trippy version of ’10×10′ and an atmospheric ‘Part 2’ where the contrast between Kev’s bass and Matt’s shimmering guitar work almost lends an 80s goth vibe to their experimental instrumental noise.  Bringing something from more familiar times, ‘Palm Trees’ shows off more of the band’s rock side with some taut, fuzzy bass grooves and crunchy riffs.

It may be short, but it compliments the ‘Show Me Devon’ live album very well and is a great collection filler for the big Fierce/Dead fan.

All proceeds from the cheap digital download will help with funding the new album.
Grab a download of ‘Live At The Hope & Anchor’ here.  You can also stream the tracks using the Bandcamp widget below.

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