Justine And The Unclean order a ‘Scorpion Bowl To Go’ in new animated video

Just a couple of months after the release of the ‘Love Doesn’t Know A Thing‘ digital single, Justine And The Unclean are back with a new track that really shows off their power pop credentials.

There’s been a lot said and written about creating new music in lockdown. over the past year, but surprisingly few songs written about the lack of interaction with others.  According to Justine Covault, ‘Scorpion Bowl To Go’ is about “questionable coping mechanisms within social isolation.  Musically, it latches on to a few of the traits you came to love on the band’s first two releases. Charles Hansen throws out chunky riffs against a great, curling pop inflected vocal, which – more than ever – places Justine and co. within a world that seems to inhabit a noisier version of Letters To Cleo, while visually, the band appear to be stuck, spiralling deeper into a half-remembered episode of Rocko’s Modern Life.

As always, it’s good to have them back.  You can watch the video below.  The track – now available from Covault’s own Red On Red record label – can be purchased from the label’s Bandcamp page here.