The Great 70s Project: 1971

Welcome to a look back at some of our favourite music from 1971. In some ways, it seems the perfect continuation of 1970, with the hard rock pioneers releasing some of the best albums of the careers.

Looking elsewhere, though, things are perhaps more interesting…

Elton John released what’s arguably one of his genuine masterpieces, but also released a film soundtrack that by the following year pretty much everyone had forgotten. Blues legend Freddie King began a three album tenure for Leon Russell’s Shelter label (releasing three albums which sometimes come under criticism for being a little too funky, but they stand up exceptionally well so many decades down the line. David Geffen’s Asylum label – later home to Eagles – released Judee Sill’s debut LP; Following on from 1970’s hit single ‘Ride A White Swan’ which laid the foundations for glam rock, T.Rex made a committed leap from drippy folk mysticism to explore this new sound much further and cement their future, just as Alice Cooper dumped frivolous psych freakouts for something more useful…and JJ Cale started a musical voyage that would keep the world supplied with rootsy shuffles for the rest of the decade and beyond.

We’ve tried to dig into various album cuts for your enjoyment, but have also included a few of the year’s best singles, as well as a few tracks that you may have even forgotten or else haven’t heard.

Led Zeppelin’s fourth album and The Who’s ‘Who’s Next’ might tower over the year in the rock history books, but there’s so much more to enjoy.

Until next time…enjoy 1971 and have a great weekend, wherever you are!